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Heavily focussed on real moments, gestures and I’m always seeking out what makes your family uniquely “you”. Right at the heart of everything I do is the belief that everyone is special, unique and beautiful. We all have a story to share and deserve our memories preserved for the future, no matter who we are.

/ what to expect.

You deserve beautiful, meaningful and artful images of you and your family to hang on your walls and for your future.

When the years pass and your kids are all grown up. you’ll grab this photo album and reminisce about the amazing times you all had together.

Even more importantly though, your kids will grab this photo album and see how lucky they were to be so loved!

I want this to be a fun, relaxed, enjoyable experience and adventure for all. You just have to be yourselves, it's my job to do the rest and to make it easy for you.

"But what if my kids misbehave and ruin everything?!" I hear you ask!

Believe me, they probably will misbehave a bit, and that is OK. In fact, it's completely normal and a little bit encouraged! I want to see the real you, to photograph all of your beautiful energy.

Let me reassure you that a little bit of misbehaving will not ruin anything. Some playing up is kind of adorable. Please don't worry about this or worry about anyone being "perfect" or "performing for the camera" or any of that other stuff. Just be yourselves.

If someone has a mega tantrum we can just have a little break (after I've taken some photos of the meltdown of course!) Perhaps a snack or a cup of tea will be a good idea and come back to the photographs in a bit, you aren't on a time limit. If that doesn't work, I'll take some photographs of another member of the family for a while to take the attention away.

The main thing to remember is: Don't worry, stress or overthink things (easier said than done I know) But it's my job to make you all feel comfortable and like you can be yourselves, I've got a knack for this.

All emotions are welcome and expected here. I've seen it all before!

Take a look around and see if you like what you see.


Hopefully you've had a look around my portfolio, have decided that you love this natural and relaxed approach and are looking forward to having hierlooms like this for your family.

There are a lot of photographers out there so it’s important that you find the perfect one for you. (Obviously, I think we’ll get on great and I hope that you’ll choose me!)

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The photo-shoot - This is the fun part!


Sit back, relax and wait to see what we have created.


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How much does it cost?


The session fee is CHF190.

This covers preparation for the session, your experience at the photo shoot, my time photographing your family, travel*, post-production and creating the gallery of images for you to view.

The beauty of working in this way ensures that you get to see your wonderful photographs, those moments and the love I've captured between your family BEFORE deciding on what you would like to invest in.

You have the opportunity to experience the photo shoot without a big investment up front and then only purchase afterwards what you truly LOVE.

You're in control of how much you would like to invest and what you would like to invest in.

It could be that you would love an album to keep and pass down through the generations, or to gift to Grandparents, or perhaps you would like to have a selection of gorgeous prints for your walls? It might be that you would love the images as digital files so you are free to do whatever you like with them?

It really is completely up to you.

Average spend for families is usually anywhere between CHF 250 - CHF 2000.

*travel up to 50kms outside of Basel included, additional travel expenses occur if further afield.

You’re busy, I understand that.

Your future self will thank you for making the time to do this.

Are you ready to do this?!

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