Hi, I'm Caroline

a Family Photographer in Basel

A deep feeler, utter bookworm, lover of cooking and good food, plant fiend, yoga enthusiast, adventure seeker, completely incapable of keeping my home tidy, and, in case you hadn’t guessed, just the person to photograph your family memories.

I’m friendly, easygoing, love my job and my super skill is to make you feel natural and at ease in front of the camera. I’ll make it easy for you to be photographed, and you’ll almost forget that I’m there! Because, let’s face it, not many of us like to have our photos taken do we?!

I notice the little things and take pleasure in them all. Always seeking beauty in the overlooked and believe there is perfection in imperfection.

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"It was the first time that our entire family had a photo shoot so we didn’t know what to expect, but Caroline was incredible at making us feel comfortable while taking great shots. The photos look amazing, and the entire experience was a delight. I would highly recommend her."

- Hatice and family

Originally from Cambridge, UK. I've lived in Basel for just over 5 years.

This is my boyfriend John, he sends me videos (usually of animals) that he knows I’d like from Twitter. It's cute, and just one of the many wonderful things about him.

We moved to Basel just over 5 years ago for a job opportunity (yep, I know, a truly unique story for Basel isn’t it?! Same as many of yours I’m sure. I bet you can guess which company his job was at too!)

As you can imagine, I love it here in Basel and have not looked back.


A few random facts








I really miss London pubs. And tea! I miss those big boxes of tea! The tiny packets they have here are just not enough!

I also photograph weddings but have a separate website for that, over here.

The technical details:

I've been a Photographer for more than a decade.

Before I was a family photographer in Basel, I had my own photography business in the UK and was also a photographer at The Department of Chemistry, Cambridge University - slightly different setting (!) - but still photographing people and their interesting stories.

Based in Basel, Switzerland but very happy to travel anywhere in Europe for work.

The first family I photographed lived on a barge in Cambridge. They were moored next to a pub we were at. I wanted to ask if I could take their photo but was too shy. Long story short: They went out before I was brave enough to say hello so I left a note on their door asking if I could photograph them - they called, it was magic and I’ve not looked back since!

I have a First in a degree in Professional Photography.

I also get nervous in front of the camera. You can see my laughable attempt at recording a 15 second video over here!

"As a gift to my dad on his 70th birthday we engaged Caroline to do our first ever family photography session. We were all quite nervous, how do we look natural? Well, that nervousness completely disappeared when we met Caroline. She made us very comfortable and the photos are just brilliant.

This was such a beautiful day for all of us in the family and Caroline captured it magically. Best birthday gift ever, for all of us, thanks to Caroline and her unique style."

- Linda and family

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